Acne Treatments

Acne Treatments

Ok, let's keep it real for a second. Acne doesn't just affect your skin; it can affect your self esteem, your image and even your moods. Nearly 80% of all Americans will experience acne during their life. And it doesn't just affect adolescents or young adults. Many adults struggle with acne, which can be caused by many things. The good news is if your struggling with acne and reading this, your not alone. The better news is, we have tailored treatment programs designed to get your skin under control.

We offer clinical grade products and treatments, combined with masks, peels, cleansers and toners, to help you to find an immediate solution to your skincare woes and set up a long-term treatment plan.

At Esthetics by Shawna, we offer a personalized treatment plan for all acne types and skin conditions.

What is acne?

Acne is a common skin condition with a number of possible causes and symptoms. It is often recognized by spots or painful bumps on the skin, which can be irritable and become inflamed over time. Most acne occurs on the face, but it's also common on the back, shoulders, and buttocks. While most teenagers deal with acne from time to time, it can cause issues well into adulthood.

What causes acne?

Acne is created when hair follicles get blocked with oil from the skin. This creates a range of run-on effects, with dead skin cells becoming blocked, spots forming, and bacteria getting out of control. The following biological and lifestyle factors can influence the onset and severity of acne:

  • Testosterone changes
  • Genetic factors
  • Poor dietary habits
  • Poor exercise habits
  • Excess weight
  • Pregnancy

At Esthetics by Shawna, we offer structured and holistic acne treatments based around your symptoms, your age and gender, and your lifestyle.

Different grades of acne

Like many skin conditions, acne is graded according to the severity of the symptoms. There are four categories:

  • Grade 1 – Mild acne, which is confined mostly to blackheads and whiteheads, with a few papules and pustules
  • Grade 2 – Moderate acne with multiple papules and pustules, with most symptoms occurring on the face
  • Grade 3 – Moderate to severe acne with numerous papules and pustules along with inflammation
  • Grade 4 – Severe acne with inflammation and numerous papules and pustules, many of which are large and painful

Treatment options for acne

There are many treatment options for acne, with different products and procedures available for different symptoms and grades of acne. Before you start a treatment program, it's important to speak with a professional skincare practitioner. The right advice is crucial to avoid wasted time and money, as is the use of high-quality beauty and healthcare products.

Depending on the severity of your acne symptoms, one or more of the following treatments can be useful:

  • Retinoid medication
  • Antibiotic medication
  • Facial masks
  • Chemical peels
  • Facial cleanser
  • Toner products
  • SPF sunscreen

Many of our treatment methods are useful in treating acne, including chemical peels, dermaplaning, HydraFacials, and dedicated acne treatment with advanced cleansers and toners.

Esthetics by Shawna – values and approach

At Esthetics by Shawna, we are dedicated to your beauty needs. If you suffer from acne and struggle to see a way forward, our friendly practitioners are here to help. Our gentle and caring approach takes nothing for granted, with our team sitting down with you and analyzing your symptoms before we start a treatment regime.

We believe in friendly consultation, clear communication, and personal care delivered with a smile. We provide tailored beauty services to help solve specific problems, as well as holistic treatments, so you can live your best possible life. Along with acne treatment, we offer ultrasonic cavitation, chemical peels, dermaplaning, HydraFacials, anti-aging treatment, micro needling, Rezenerate Nano Facials, lash lift & tint, customized facials, brow lamination, extractions, high frequency/LED therapy, waxing, and much more.

If you would like to book an appointment or learn more about our services, please contact us today.